Keller Turf Farms, LTD. is located in Sullivan, Wisconsin; midway between Madison and Milwaukee.  A family owned and operated farm, we have been growing sod for over forty years.   The sod is excellent, high in quality and carefully inspected prior to shipping.


Currently under the ownership of second-generation sod farmers, Greg and Jim Keller, Keller Farms continues to grow and sell the best sod in the Midwest.  Our parents, Clem and Geneva Keller, established the farm in the 1960’s. Greg Keller oversees farm operations, and his wife Dawn, takes care of the office work. Three of the Keller children  Kodie, Dustin and Derik (the next generation) help with maintenance and harvesting of the sod.  Jim Keller and his wife Kory, helps with harvesting and sales.  Debbie Keller, a sister to Greg and Jim, is in charge of daily maintenance of the sod.   As you can see, it is truly a family operation!













We blend top rated grass seeds for the Midwest growing region.  The sod has common qualities of being dwarf (less mowing) and disease resistant. They also have individual qualities as far as aggression and deep colors. 


From small orders for individuals to large orders for contractors or landscaping firms; we are equipped to fill any size order quickly.  Delivery is available for medium to large orders, seven days a week in the Wisconsin or Illinois area. 


We invite you to come visit our farm and take a tour.  Honest and hardworking, we will do what it takes to earn your business!  Keller Farms, where “Sod is our life”.