First, remove all rocks and debris.

        Then, work soil up with a rototiller to a depth of four to six inches. (This will help eliminate drainage problems and prepare the soil).

        Spread a layer of fertilizer over area and work into soil.

        Start laying your sod (staggered sod like laying bricks) from the back of property line towards front boundary to offset seams and to avoid stepping on the fresh sod.

        Trim edges with your sod knife to fit around curves and leave clean, trimmed edges around sprinkler heads, and driveways.

        Keep sod moist during the process of installation after 150-200 square feet of sod is laid; mist it with a garden hose before the job is complete to prevent drying of the new sod.

        After the sod is laid, use a roller to ensure good contact between the sod and the soil. Water your sod as much as necessary to keep it wet for 10 days. The sod needs this water to re-establish itself with new root growth. After 10 days of frequent watering, water as needed. (Refer to maintenance notes section).


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