Keller Turf Farms,LTD






Who We Are


We offer premium Kentucky bluegrass at affordable prices to


industry professionals as well as homeowners. We use the


top variety of gold-label seeds as deemed by the "Mean


Turfgrass Quality Ratings" chart. Our sod is carefully


maintained through personal attention to detail. The sod


is harvested hours before shipping and is delivered


professionally and on time.


Purpose Statement

Our goal is to make this web site informative and easy to navigate.

We will introduce and inform the general public of services and

products offered by the Keller family. A family tradition for over

40 years;we at Keller's Turf Farms, LTD are committed to high quality sod

products and services.


Mission Statement

Keller Turf Farms mission is to exceed the customer's expectations.

The Keller family is responsible for the daily operations, maintenance,

and management of the business. Sod is their life. The philosophy of

the company is to offer premium quality sod grown from carefully

selected seeds to sell at a fair price.